October Makeup Trends 2017

October Makeup Trends 2017

1) Metallic makeup
Elegant. Sexy. Bold.  This fall, metallic makeup will reign. From all hues of shiny eyeshadow to even lipsticks, you just can’t go without one of these palettes in 2017.

2) Binge on black
It’s time to ditch light, summery looks when it’s turning cold. Whether it’s on your upper or lower lids, whether you prefer straight and sleek or smudged, feel free to use black eyeliner with abandon. This is the time to go crazy.

3) Don’t shy from deep hues
You can put your bright pink lipsticks away and replace them with oranges, plums and burgundies for a warmer fall look. Let your lips change colour with less sun and dipping temperatures.

4) Play with gold
When skies turn grey, it’s your turn to play the sun. If you’re feeling bold, add a dash of gold to the inner corner of your eyes or on top of your eyelids. It’ll add a warm glow to your countenance

5) Go straight
Pair bold makeup looks with a shiny, straight mane. The straightness of your hair will frame your face and avoid distracting from your makeup.


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