Mastering Monsoon Makeup

Mastering Monsoon Makeup

Don’t throw up your hands in despair when it rains. Simply follow these tips and tricks and roam around carefree, whether or not you have an umbrella!

  1. It’s a Crime Not To Prime

    Regardless of the the amount of makeup you wear, never skip primer. What cement is to bricks, primer is to makeup. Follow this simple trick and your face will look fresh all day. It can even help protect your makeup to a certain extent on those surprise rainy days!

  2. Makeup seal

    If you’re willing to spend a little extra, mix a tiny amount of makeup seal with your foundation. It’ll stay on all day. Needless to say, you don’t have to wear this on a daily basis. Only go for this if you’re looking for extra hold and long-wearing makeup.

  3. Waterproof makeup- mascara, eyeliner, foundation

    In rainy weather, waterproof makeup will be your best friend. Use it generously on your upper eyelashes and accentuate your long lashes with waterproof eyeliner.

  4. Less is more

    This should be your go-to makeup mantra on rainy or humid days. The less product you use, the less maintenance is required. Instead of foundation, try using a sheer bb cream. If you need more coverage, you can try cc creams, which are lighter than foundation but still provide more coverage than bbs!

  5. Setting spray

    As a final touch, you may want to use makeup spray to ensure your hard work and expensive product doesn’t come off. You can use this for formal events like receptions and weddings, or even birthday parties if you so wish.

  6. Masks for moisturizingSurprise- humidity can actually dry out your skin! For a flawless base, it is therefore essential to use moisturising masks at night. Your makeup will go on smoothly the next day and you’ll feel like a goddess!


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