The wide range of opportunities in makeup today

The wide range of opportunities in makeup today

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a high chance you are a beauty addict. Maybe you live by your grandmother’s tried-and-tested advice to achieve shiny, lustrous locks. Or maybe you live, breathe and eat makeup. You give life to your Disney princess dreams with a flawless highlight, breathe that dusty translucent powder and eat your cherry-flavoured lip balm. And by the way, if you use lipstick daily, you swallow two kilos of it over your lifetime. Fun!

I fell in love with makeup the day I discovered eyeliner. Today, I own over sixty shades of lipstick, ten types of highlighters and foundations of every type. For me, starting a makeup school was the natural result of years of obsession with the art. If you’re like me, with a bit of guidance and training, you too can establish a career in this field. All you need is a little bit of passion and some direction. With a growing beauty industry, there are numerous career opportunities abound! Here are just some viable professions for those interested in beauty, cosmetics and makeup:

  1. Makeup artist
    Demand for makeup services is high. Ask me! Professional makeup services are needed at all times of the year- for weddings, engagements, parties and events. That’s where you come in to channel your latent makeup artist. Whether you wish to do freelance work or join an agency is entirely upto you. If you’re ambitious, you can even work in Bollywood or the entertainment industry as a makeup artist for a famous actor or actress!
  2. Hair stylist
    Hair stylists and hairdressers are always in demand, and the best ones in their field are highly paid too. After receiving training in this field, you can join a salon or the entertainment industry for a steady job.
  3. Entrepreneur
    Why not be the boss of your life and start your own venture? Start your own salon, makeup parlour or even an academy! For inspiration, just look around you at the number of parlours that exist. Because demand for beauty services is high, they’re always in business too!
  4. Teacher
    Due to the growing size of the industry, there is now demand for professional training. You can teach the art of makeup and hair styling to those who wish to take it up professionally. Experience in the field will add to your credibility as a mentor.
  5. Blogger or vlogger
    These days, you can get paid for writing blogs. If you’re a beauty buff you’ve probably stumbled upon a blog or two on the internet, or watched a YouTube tutorial before a wedding.If you follow your heart, you’ll never be dissatisfied with your job; what better way to earn money than to enjoy every minute doing it? For more advice, visit the Academy and we’ll have a chat.


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